Notes – Meeting 6/5/13

6 Jun

Notes – Meeting 6/5/13

  • Systemic nature of white supremacy: how people with scientific/intellectual capital get in a room and make a plan
  • Do people trust the U.N.?
  • what does it mean to appeal to the same power structure that upholds the system of oppression?
  • School of the Americas – rebranding of racism
  • systemic squashing of all hope
  • New stat: every 36 hours a black person is murdered by law enforcement – more frequent than slavery in the 1840’s
  • Byron Carter, Jr
  • Genocide: history – term coined by U.N. – holocaust
  • Conquest by Andrea Smith: sexual abuse as foundation of genocide
  • Prison system borne of slavery as way to control black population
  • murder of young black and latino men in ATX
  • upping of Assata Shakur’s ransom
  • FBI putting up billboards in New Jersey re: Shakur
  • What are the cops doing at Queerbomb?
  • Queerbomb hostile to POC?
  • White dudes in headresses
  • Discipline & Punish – Michael Focault
  • Focault – appropriated critical theory from BPP?
  • Co-Dependency: white supremacy – adopting codependent behaviors as a product of living  in it
  • Call behavior modification “dating advice” and put it in Cosmo – brainwashing
  • White supremacy proposes the idea that this is how race/gender/relationships work
  • Who is profiting from this?
  • Being groomed for prison – whistles/bells in schools
  • School to prison pipeline
  • Department of “corrections” – what does that mean?
  • Movements in place to disrupt the system: Shakespeare Behind Bars (documentary)
  • The only viable objective is the abolition of the prison system
  • Supporting existing projects:, anti-Father’s Day, political prisoner writing night
  • Black Power Mixtape – potential doc screening for L.E.A.D. discussion
  • “Queer” as politic vs. identity

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